Installing the Best Packages for Sublime Text 3

I know a lot of people love to use an IDE in order to edit their code, but the speed of Sublime Text 3 is a huge win for me. Here is how I set mine up.

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Install Sublime Text

First, you must of course install Sublime Text 3. You can find the installation here.

Install Package Control

Next, hit cmd+shift+p on OSX to bring up the command palette. Type in install package and you will see the option install package control.

Package control will allow you to install a lot of other really powerful tools in Sublime Text.

How to Install Packages

When installing packages all you have to do is cmd+shift+p on OSX to bring up the command palette, then type package control and select the option labeled package control: install package.

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Install a package with package control

All the Best Packages

I know the packages, I have the best packages.

Here is a list of all the packages I have installed:

  1. A File Icon — put some fancy icons on your files and make them easier to identify.
  2. Alignment — keep your code organized and readable.
  3. Bracket Highlighter — highlight those brackets and don’t mess up your syntax.
  4. Git — for all of your git repo needs.
  5. Package Control (duh) — install sublime text packages.
  6. Project Manager — stop searching for folders, manage your projects by name.
  7. Terminus — run a terminal in a tab.
  8. Terraform — for Terraform syntax.

Boom! That’s it!

Now I am sure there are TONS of other really powerful packages out there that I am not taking advantage of. If you know of any make sure you stick them in the comments!

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